IFLA Europe launches 2024 Youth Competition ‘Plan(e)Tscape for landscape architecture students and young professionals

We are pleased to launch our 2024 Youth competition for landscape architecture students and young professionals entitled ‘Plan(e)Tscape’! Deadline: 1 September 2024

Long-range climatological forecasts predict in connection with global warming a dark future, and we already see effects scientists predicted in recent years. The most effective antidote to the frequent disasters caused by the climate crisis – drought, desertification, precipitation and flood events, landslides, tsunamis, the urban heat island effect – is vegetation, which we simply refer to as Green city, green deal, green transition, green party, green politics, green thinking, green leadership, green marketing, green energy, green capital….

The “green” means plants, and the plants are a socially accepted symbol of a better future, a pledge of the survival of our Earth and the renewal of the biosphere; the plants are systems genetically coded for transformation, adaptation, and regeneration; the main object and tool of landscape architecture. A wealth of unexploited possibilities…

Addressing landscape architecture as a profession deeply rooted in nature, we intend to draw attention to the multifunctionality of plants, their diverse application possibilities, and to all the positive ways of thinking with which we can achieve meaningful results in the fight against contemporary environmental challenges. We are convinced, that with the help of innovative and conscious plant application landscape architects can contribute considerable to a sustainable, and healthy vision of our Plan(e)tscape.

We believe that landscape architecture is one of the key professions to offer solutions for the created situation who can provide an active, forward-looking alternative, an optimistic vision of the future not only for the profession, but for the entire society.

The competition is open to enrolled landscape architecture students and young landscape architecture professionals (up to 40years of age) from all over Europe. Both students and young professionals must be members of their respective National Associations which is a member of IFLA Europe – list available on our website IFLA Europe National Associations.

For all information on how to apply, please visit IFLA Europe Youth Competition website

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